about us

We are a group of like-minded people who are simply crazy about beautiful spaces, end.of.story… but NOT quite, it is just the beginning!

It all started way back yonder, while we traveled the country for both business and leisure purposes, we saw a gap in a very much needed market, when we recognised that what was missing from these “home away from home” spaces, was just that… that tiny piece of “aaah familiarity, comfort, a sense of home” but at the same time indulging our travelling spirits too – a conundrum – yes we know!  We want to travel and be wild and carefree, but at the same time with the little comforts of being somewhere homey.

We have a “thing” about privacy and independence, and as the world evolved (or should we say, as we matured) it became clear that hotel-style living was not what we wanted, but rather a space where we were free to meander and have our own space, free to be anonymous, while enjoying the lifestyle traveling had to offer, the feeling of being free to explore and adventure and at the same having our creature comforts. 

Hence the decision to acquire a number of apartments in the most gorgeous locations and we have never looked back since.  

We decided on modern, luxurious apartments and a gorgeous Villa for when you want just light touch service, especially when travelling with the entire family.

what makes us unique?

  • Our Beautifully decorated Villa’s come at an affordable price, so you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about the cost.
  • The villas are also located in safe locations with easy accessibility to amenities and local shopping centres.
  • We offer you a home away from home, so you can really get the most out of your holiday stay.

Our gallery speaks for itself



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