Quality is our value

We are the pre-eminent destination for those seeking business or leisure accommodation in South Africa.

Excellence in service

We recognised that we have a passion for beautiful spaces.  Whether it was for a weekend away with the family or working trips it became clear that hotel style living was not what we wanted, but rather a space where we were free to move, explore, travel but at the same time still having those creature comforts of home. This led us to acquire a number of apartments in key locations where we could create these spaces that we craved and give our guests the most beautiful guest experience.


Our people, our greatest asset

Delighting our customers by going the extra mile.

Our beautifully decorated luxury Apartments and Villa come at an affordable price, so that you get to experience the lap of luxury like you deserve. Each apartment is located in a safe location and all with easy access to amenities and local shopping centres.

Our gallery speaks for itself



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